The Driving Licence and Your Eyesight

You must be in possession of a current valid driving licence, either a provisional or a full driving licence and you must produce this on your first lesson. You are required to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres, using your glasses or contact lenses or none, if you don’t wear any. If you do not yet have a valid driving licence, you must apply for a provisional licence. Apply for yours here.


Lesson payment is due at the end of each lesson at the latest, unless your lesson was prepaid. I accept payment in cash or you can make a card payment. I accept all major debit and credit cards.

If you paid for a block of lessons in advance, you must take your lessons within 12 months of having paid for them. The reason for this is that the cost of petrol and other costs may go up. If for some reason you are unable to take those lessons within one year, I will re-price those lessons not yet taken to reflect any increases in costs. Or you may request a refund.

When you purchase a block of lessons and if for whatever reason, I am unable to complete all of them for you, I will refund any unused prepaid lessons to you by cheque within 28 days of notifying you. This also applies in the event when you decide to cancel any further lessons with me for which you have prepaid, provided that you have given me at least 48 hours notice before the next lesson was due to be taken.

Block bookings benefit from a reduced cost. If you buy 10 lessons and cancel your tuition after having taken just 2 lessons, the refund will be made based on the money you prepaid minus 2 lessons at my standard tariff. In other words, the two lessons which you had, will be charged at my normal rate, not at the discounted rate which applies to a 10 lesson block pre-payment.


I require a cancellation notice of at least 24 hours. If I am unable to reallocate that lesson with another pupil, the lesson charge will apply.

Use of my vehicles

I am happy to provide you with my car to do your driving test, but only if I feel you are safe to do so. If, in my opinion, I feel that you are not yet ready to take your driving test, yet you insist that you shall do so, I reserve the right to decline your request to use my car for your test and will give you at least 3 days notice which will give you the time required by the DSA to cancel your test.

Booking your Test

When I book your test for you, you can not hold me or my firm responsible when things go wrong during the test process. It is your responsibility to manage your test appointment and to ensure that you arrive for your test on time and with all the required documents.

Being on Time

When I arrive at your nominated pick up point to begin your lesson, if there is no reply from that address, I will wait about 10 minutes. If I cannot reach you and you do not turn up for your lesson in that time, I will cancel your lesson, but you will still have to pay for it.

Site Usage Terms

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